Returning Home to Teach
7/1/2016 12:00:00 AM

Army Major (Ret) Tabetha Hammond served her country proudly for 24 years. Upon retirement, she returned to the school she graduated from and continued to give back to her home community and proudly serving again. "Becoming a teacher is all I ever wanted to do. My first years in the Army, I volunteered at a local elementary school," beams Hammond.


Hammond joined the Army one month after her high school graduation and deployed in support of Desert Storm, Iraq, Kuwait, graduated from Officer Candidate school and mobilized for 9/11. Throughout her Service in the Army, she recalls having visited many places, developing fantastic relationships, and creating life lasting experiences that she shares with her students. She started her certification process with Troops to Teachers (TTT) while still in the Service after attending Southeast Regional Director Bill Kirkland's briefing. Troops to Teachers was there to provide Hammond with incentives to take the required GACE exams, which Georgia requires for a teaching certificate."The TTT website and communication from the Georgia state office on lists of  acancies was invaluable," says Hammond.


"Don't give up if you don't hear immediately from a school about a position you've applied for. I attended several job fairs, sent resumes, spoke with several principals and visited many schools. Get to know people, let them know who you are and what you desire. By using personal contacts, I was able to interview for a position that turned out to be a perfect fit. I am teaching at a school which was not on my radar, but feel blessed that the school actually chose me," smiles Hammond. "Henry County High School has been an amazing homecoming and the administration is very involved with the staff and students to ensure everyone succeeds."


"I have been married to my Army-issued husband, Danny, for more than 20 years. We have an extremely driven daughter, Demi, currently a sophomore at the University of Alabama and a dynamic 7th grade football, baseball and basketball player, Phillip," says Hammond.


"Teaching is a very rewarding occupation. I feel like I make a difference for a child every day. I make it a goal to make their days better. It is important to me that each child be made to feel special, be treated fairly and be listened to," says Hammond. "Sometimes we forget what it is like to smile and enjoy life and my kids remind me every day how short life actually is," finishes Hammond.

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