Image of Testifier Register for Troops to Teachers, even if you are undecided. It's a great program, and teachers are needed everywhere. Like the Army, teaching is a rewarding experience
Nicole Y. Tarpley, MAJ (Ret.), United States Army
Image of Testifier Troops to Teachers has allowed me to continue serving. The process is straightforward and simple. Once I completed my education and was in a position to be hired, my state TTT representative continued to communicate available positions and school district hiring fairs.
George H. Wilson, Jr., MSgt (Ret.), USAF
Special Education
North Carolina
Image of Testifier Troops to Teachers teachers are trained to be professional, but the cool under the collar that comes from learning to deal with true pressure, in the Army, is an immeasurable aid to classroom management for many of today's students who are battling poverty/class and racial pressures.
Garry Fay, United States Army
Math, Science, ESL, Spanish
Image of Testifier Get into an education program at a university that does transition to teaching. It is a very complicated process and you need a support team.
John Sobonya, SMSgt (Ret.), USAF
Image of Testifier Troops to Teachers provided that wonderful cash stipend when I finished, and was there for job finding assistance then, too. I have found the Troops to Teachers folks to be the easiest to work with government people I've ever met in my life.
Steve Imerman, 1SG (Ret.), United States Army
Special Education